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Education/ Market Updates

Educational articles about current real estate market trends, financial information about mortgages and financing, tax breaks or incentives for homeowners, and other topics that are beneficial to home buyers, sellers, or other real estate professionals.

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Today is Small Business Saturday! If you're getting started on your holiday shopping or looking for places to entertain out of town guests,  this is a great opportunity to discover some of the wonderful small businesses in San Diego's North County. To start you off, here are 25 of our team's favorites.

Where to Shop Small in North County San Diego

Small Businesses in Carlsbad

Kona Red Coffee makes ultra-premium coffee products from the finest Hawaiian beans. They spread the spirit of aloha with their delicious drinks.

Prager Brothers Artisan Bread bakes a wide variety of breads and pastries with an emphasis on quality. You can watch the bakers work in their glassed-in bakery.

Humble Olive Oils is a store and tasting room selling the

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Video Transcription of November 2018 Market Update

- Hello, hello.

- Hello, hello.

- Tyson Lund and Garrett Lund, just giving you some insight. We're always curious, wherever I go, I hear people talking about real estate and different opinions. And especially as we start to enter into a market that's starting to not act as it did, which was basically year over year, just appreciate, and it was a very easy conversation.

- Are prices higher this year? Yes, and this is the first kind of year where it's a little uncertain. And within our industry, there's a lot of questions.

- As we meet with agents and big groups, and we'll sit down, we're like, well what are you feeling in your marketplace? What are you seeing in Rancho Santa Fe, La

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Electronics and tech gear are two of the most popular items on the Black Friday wish list every year. With so many new, and redesigned. smart home gadgets available this year, the pre-holiday shopping season may be the perfect time to enhance connectivity in your North County San Diego home.

Creating a Smart Home: What to Look For

Now is the time to look for discounts on tech to make your home run smoother, safer, and cleaner, as in more eco-friendly.

Safety and Security

Security and safety technology continues to evolve. Today's smart home security packages have come a long way from the doorbell alert-to-text that wowed us just a few years ago. You'll find new versions of simple systems with more sensitive programmable cameras and motion

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encintas california restaurant food photos

This is a delicious, though unscientific, tour through the best restaurants in the Encinitas area, presented through the eyes and taste buds of your Lund Real Estate team.

Carlton & Sandy - 101 Diner in Encinitas

Carlton and Sandy give their thumbs up to the 101 Diner in Encinitas and 151 reviews on TripAdvisor rate the restaurant excellent or very good. The eggs Benedict receive particular praise as does the Greek omelet. The sauce and consistency of the egg are bright spots on 101's egg Benedict dish, and the Greek omelet has tomatoes, garlic, spinach, mushrooms, olives, jack, cheddar and feta cheese for a yummy take on a classic salad.

Will - La Papagayo

Will can't stop talking about La Papagayo, which has a great vibe, is small and

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The fall season presents some unique challenges when it comes to selling your property when compared to other seasons. However, don’t be discouraged. Just because you won’t experience the natural boom that exists in spring when it comes to property accusation, doesn’t mean you can’t move your property during the fall season. Being patient is important, though, as well as the following tips.

Top Tips to Sell Your Home Quickly This Fall

Use Property Photos From Other Seasons

While it won’t matter when you’re showing your home in person, consider using photos of your property from other seasons that reveal how amazing your place looks throughout the year as part of your home's online portfolio. Scott McGillivray, who is the host of HGTV show

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Everyone tends to think of summer as the favorite season in Coastal California. Actually, Fall is a fantastic time to get out exploring all the area has to offer. From shopping and dining to outdoor entertainment and visiting one of the many artist communities nestled in neighborhood enclaves, cooler weather offers many advantages. Here are seven reasons people love autumn living in North County and San Diego.

1. Fall Harvest = Family Fun

You could drive out to Valley Center, but there's no need to get on the freeway to visit the local pumpkin patch. The Carlsbad Strawberry Field closes when after strawberry season and reopens in September so you can choose the perfect pumpkin for carving. It's a day trip that is sure to be a fun outing for kids

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north county california dining

It's no secret how much our team loves working, living and playing in North County. One of the reasons we love this community are the great restaurants. If you want to visit some of the places we like and find out why they're our chosen favorites, here's a short list a local places to try.

Carlton and Sandy - The Landings at Palomar Airport

If you like an eclectic blend of American foods, you'll love this restaurant. Patio dining, live entertainment, and a whole new take on the airport diner are all offered. You can really appreciate the happy hour specials, and when you bring your little ones they'll be mesmerized by the aircraft they can see out the window.

Will - Taste of the Himalayas

Indian, Tibetian, and Nepali cuisine are all

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Video Transcription of August 2018 Real Estate Market Update

Tyson Lund with the Lund Team here to give you a market update for the Summer as we move from the Summer into the Fall, and to help you set your expectations whether you're buying or selling. If you own a home, and you're considering potentially putting that home on the market, it would be our suggestions to look at the market where you're in, whether what city, what neighborhood, and review your competition with your agent. You really need to understand who your competition is and what's going on.

What we're finding is that some properties that are really, they're stand-up properties that are unique. They maybe are a niche, maybe a big single level with a view, or a unique

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You have a lot of choices when deciding where to live. Some choose to live in the city others prefer rural settings. There's a lot to be said, however, for living in a beach town. Here are seven reasons some people absolutely love living in a beach town.

Ionized Air

When people visit the beach, they often notice that they feel better, more relaxed and even more energized. This is more than psychological. The ocean creates more negative ions in the air which creates these feelings. Negatively ionized air can be found in forests, near waterfalls and near the ocean. When people say “ They just love it here,” they may simply be referring to a naturally occurring cleansing of the air that is found in beach towns.

Sunrises and Sunsets

The value

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Video Transcription of June 2018 Real Estate Market Update

Tyson Lund with the Lund Team here for a market update for the summer. And we want to share with you a few interesting statistics as we go forward. We are finding that it's all about expectations. And right now sellers can do themselves a big, big favor by understanding some small nuances in this market.

Properties that are priced right, that are respectful of recent comparative sales within the last six months and they price them almost cordially, friendly, not asking too much, will sell within 14 days. And they tend to sell right around, some a little bit above asking, some a little bit below, but the statistics actually show it's right about 100%. That's amazing.

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