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Rates and Mortgages

News updates on average mortgage rates and lending news.  These posts are for homebuyers looking for information on current rates.  Homeowners can benefit by understanding how rates shape homebuyers decisions.

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This month, Tyson Lund is joined by Jennifer Lund to talk about the importance of becoming pre-qualified for a home loan in this competitive real estate market. Watch the video or read the transcript below.

Tyson Lund, with The Lund Team, with our great financing contact, Jennifer Lund.

We want to take this time for a real estate market update and two fold - One, educate you about the market and then if you're looking to buy or sell real estate, one of the most important steps, that we can't drive home enough, is get pre-qualified.

And what does that process look like, Jennifer?<?p>

So the process starts with a phone conversation and that is just an opportunity for me to get a lot of details about the borrowers situation. You know: where

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After months of sneaking home searches during work hours, you found your dream home in North County San Diego.  Perfect size, weird carpet (you can change that) and the right neighborhood nearby your favorite community park.  You call your agent to set a time the home and maybe make an offer.  When you arrive, there is already a line of buyers and their agents forming.  The beginning of a classic bidding war.  How do you avoid being a casualty and miss out on THE home? 

The Do’s

  • Get your credit report and know your credit score.  Find any fixable challenges that could boost your score.  It's worth real money.  Higher score means a lower rate and access to more loan programs.
  • Figure out how much for a down payment and where you will get it.
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Tips for Avoiding Property Tax Reassessment in CAAs fellow Californians, The Lund Team understands the concerns expressed by the residents of Carlsbad and the surrounding communities regarding property tax bill increases related to assessments, as well as the need to protect your property against them, when possible. Currently, homeowners in California pay taxes equal to 1.00 -1.25% of the assessed value of their property, at the time of purchase.

Determining the assessed value of the property is the job of the county assessor’s office, who computes the tax amount based on the current market value when ownership changes occur, as well as a yearly inflation-based increase that cannot exceed 2% of the assessed value of the previous year.

Changes Equal Higher Tax Bills

In addition to inflation, tax

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Have you been thinking about buying a new home, but aren’t confident that you can get a loan with your current credit score? We want to help you get pre-approved for that new home in North County!

Right now, a borrower with a 680 credit score is eligible for a loan up to $850,000 with only 10% down! That means you could potentially afford that $944,000 Carlsbad home under this new program offered by Jennifer Lund of Caliber Home Loans.

Looking for a $1,000,000 loan with a credit score of 700? This new program has you covered as well with 15% down, which means that $1,175,000 home in Bressi Ranch is just a loan application away.

For more information on these programs, contact Jennifer Lund Mortgage with Caliber Home Loans (nmls#925352) at (760)

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Types of MortgagesHave you decided 2015 is your year to become a homeowner? Mortgage rates are at the lowest they’ve been since June 2013 and we can help you find the option that works best for you. Our North County real estate, family-owned business has led people to the home of their dreams since 1982. There are several different mortgage options to choose from if you are considering buying a new home. Below are the types and rates of mortgages available as of January 14, 2015.

Conforming Mortgage

There hasn’t been a change to loan limits backed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac since 2006 and conforming loan limits remain unchanged for 2015. These two associations are legally restricted to purchase single-family mortgages with origination balances below a certain

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Mortgage rates have plummetted in the past week.  Homeowners who have purchased in the last 18 months should review their personal situation to see if a refinance or purchase makes sense.  

For additional questions on specific rates and terms contact:

Jennifer Lund
8910 University center lane, suite 265 | San Diego, ca 92122
M: (760) 420-6670 - nmls#925352

As of January 14th:

30 year Jumbo 3.875% with 20% down at NO POINTS 21 day Close Guarantee~!

Conf 30 3.65% 30 yr fxd Conforming: (loan amounts under $417,000) APR 3.8%

Conf 30 HB 3.75% High Balance 3o yr fxd (loan amounts up to $546,250) APR 3.919%

Conf 15 3.0% Conforming 15 yr fxd APR 3.36%

FHA & VA 30 3.5% 30 yr fxd APR 3.52%

Conv. and Gov’t. Loan

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The holidays can be a busy time with shopping, vacations, and parties. With all the activity and events, it’s easy to put off selling a home. What many homeowners don’t know, though, is that this time of year is ideal for listing a home on the North County real estate market. If you are considering selling your home in the near future, now is the time to list and show your home as competition is minimal and rates are lower to incentivize buyers.

Make Your Home Stand Out

When it comes to North County real estate, November and December are a great time to list and sell a home. Due to all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, other homeowners are putting off listing their homes until January. By listing your house now, you can be sure that your home has

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By Garrett Lund

Whether it has been a lifelong dream or you recently made it part of your life plan, you want to start looking at properties to find your new home. Before you start looking at homes for sale, there are five important things to consider to make the process smooth and to narrow your search of North County real estate to genuine prospects.

Buying a New Home

Target Areas

The first question is: where do you want to live? Depending on your needs, you can narrow your search by county, city or cities, or even neighborhoods. For example, if your dream is to live close to the beach, focus on coastal communities. It’s helpful to write down the names or zip codes of target areas or you can create your own map.

Determine a Price Range

After determining

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By Tyson Lund

Tax Breaks for Senoirs RelocatingAs strange as it may seem, homeowners who sell one home and buy another one of equal or lesser value can sometimes suffer a large increase in their property tax. It’s helpful to understand how this seemingly strange result can occur, and it’s important to understand how to avoid it when possible. In California, two laws, Propositions 60 and 90, shield senior citizens from such a tax increase in many cases. Seniors who are aware of the problem and the legal solution can protect themselves by acting promptly when changing residences. We’ll briefly explain the matter here. When the time comes, you can ask your realtor or tax advisor for help with the details.

How can moving to a home even of lesser value sometimes cause an increased tax?

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By Garrett Lund

Tax Breaks for Home OwnersWith April approaching, San Diegans will meet with their accountants and claim tax deductions to secure the most advantageous tax rates.  Homeowners receive a wide array of advantages when claiming deductions, because the U.S. tax code offers incentives and tax breaks to promote home ownership. Whether your house is paid for or has a mortgage, you have several options that may reduce your taxes, including opportunities as a California resident.

1. Mortgage Interest Paid

The mortgage interest deduction represents the largest single tax break available to homeowners.  With the typical mortgage amortization schedule, the mortgage interest is front-loaded.  This means that interest paid on a 30-year loan will surpass the annual principal

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