You have a lot of choices when deciding where to live. Some choose to live in the city others prefer rural settings. There's a lot to be said, however, for living in a beach town. Here are seven reasons some people absolutely love living in a beach town.

Ionized Air

When people visit the beach, they often notice that they feel better, more relaxed and even more energized. This is more than psychological. The ocean creates more negative ions in the air which creates these feelings. Negatively ionized air can be found in forests, near waterfalls and near the ocean. When people say “ They just love it here,” they may simply be referring to a naturally occurring cleansing of the air that is found in beach towns.

Sunrises and Sunsets

The value of a beautiful sunrise or sunset should not be underestimated and many beach towns provide one or the other and some even both. No, not every sunrise or sunset is photo-worthy or remarkable but when you catch one it is priceless and makes the investment worth every penny.

Relaxing Walks on the Beach

You can jog or walk in the city and certainly bike and walking trails have their value but there is nothing like being able to get ready for the day or decompressing with a walk on the beach. When you live in a beach town, the water is never far away and getting time to yourself is readily accessible.


Quaint Bars and Pubs

When you live in a beach town, you will quickly identify the tourist bars and the local ones where you can enjoy your favorite cold beverage and talk with good friends. There's something to be said for having your own “home away from home” at a local pub in a beach town.

Excellent Seafood

Where can you find better fresh seafood prepared daily than in a beach town? Half of the fun of living in a beach town is finding the place or places that make your favorite list.

Local Festivals and Events

Many beach towns have an active group of businesses and influencers who want to keep a flow of visitors into their community. This often means a full calendar of art shows, craft shows, music festivals and wine or beer tastings to provide easily accessible fun activities for visitors and residents alike.

Generally a Terrific Investment

Property in a beach town often is a good investment because of the value placed on it by investors, those looking to retire and those who want a vacation home. Owning a property in a beach provides a lot of options for those who own them. Living in a beach town offers a more carefree lifestyle where you can wear shorts and sandals even to many of the more fancy restaurants. There is often a more carefree, laid-back attitude that is appealing to those tiring of the stress of corporate life. Beach towns allow you to enjoy the fruits of your labor at a pace of which you can feel very comfortable.

If you or someone you know has been considering relocating to a beach town, The Lund Team are local experts and can help you find your dream home in North County San Diego. 

Sunset pier photo by Frank McKenna on Unsplash

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