Foreclosure myths, debunked

Although there are a number of programs available to help homeowners who have defaulted on their mortgages keep their home, the large amount of misinformation tends to result in troubled homeowners failing to contact their lender until it is too late.

Making sense of the story

  • Some homeowners believe, incorrectly, that contacting their lender early in the process will draw attention to their situation and result in a quicker foreclosure.  In reality, contacting the lender or servicer is an important first step, and the sooner, the better.  Contacting the lender provides the homeowner with an opportunity to explain their situation and the steps necessary to deal with it.

  • It is a common misconception that…

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We at the Lund Team had the pleasure of sitting down with Brenda and discussing the newest trends in trusts and real estate. After coffee, we asked Brenda if she would like to contribute to our blog.  Below are the top three mistakes she sees people make in regards to real estate trusts.  Enjoy!


These are the most common mistakes I see in my practice every day. There are many myths and misconceptions out there about estate planning and real estate. This article is designed to help you recognize and avoid the most common mistakes families make in the passage of their real estate to the next generation and help your family save thousands of dollars in unnecessary taxes and probate fees.

Mistake #1: Not Understanding How Your Assets…

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Market Update: June 13th, 2011

Carlsbad's 92011 is experiencing higher levels of inventory that both seller's and buyers should take notice.  With over 125 homes for sale and 17 homes selling per month, the area has roughly 7 months of available homes to sell.  The average home in Carlsbad's 92011 is larger and more expensive than elsewhere in the city at 2,500 sq.ft for $700,000.

At the Lund Team, we take notice of how many homes there are to sell in select market areas.  The 92011 makes up Aviara, Poinsettia Park, West-I5, Water's End, Bay Collection - a number of very different communities.  

When inventory levels rise, we take notice as it means more competition. The average inventory levels in other areas of the city is between 4 and 5…

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Carlton, Tyson, Jennifer and baby Abigail stand with Valin Brown, CEO of Carlsbad Education Foundation.  The Lund Team has donated every year of the Kid's Are Worth A Million campaign.  The event raises money for Carlsbad schools and education. 

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The Lund Team,Inc secured one of the top 5 sales in Aviara for 2011.  1320 Corvidae Street in the Mar Fiore development, was sold off open-house.  Garrett Lund, who welcomed the buyer and his agent through, was told that they were looking exclusively for luxury single level homes...but decided to come in our of curiosity.  

Maybe it was the wine nitch...or the open space...

Either way, the buyer was smitten. After negotiating terms, Garrett shook the hands with the agent and escrow closed in 11 days. Final sales price was $1,000,000.

The other top 5 sales in Aviara for the year include:

4) Cassins St - Mar Fiore - $1,039,500 - March 25th 2011

3) Melodia Terrace - Isla Mar - $1,075,000 - March 3rd, 2011

2) Pelican st - Bella Lago - $1,300,000 -…

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In 2010, I embarked on an overhaul of our website.  It was much over-due.  The last was the third website our team created.  And it was top of its class in 2001,  By today's standards it was mediocre at best.   Our new site will allow us to showcase our property more effectively and in Web 2.0 style.  

This blog section will be updated in the months to come.  We will decide whether to keep our wordpress blog.  

Either way, we hope you utilize our site and look forward to working with you in the near future.

Tyson Lund & The Lund Team

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