October Real Estate Trends in North County San Diego

In this month's Real Estate Market Update, Tyson and Garrett Lund share home trends in the current North County San Diego Market. Hear about how the Tiny House Movement is influencing home owners including well-done redesigns that use high quality materials and maximizing space to increase the price per square foot of smaller homes. 

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Garrett: [00:00:30] Garrett Lund and Tyson Lund with the Lund team, quick market update. Actually, more of quick trend update for you. One highlight, what's going on. We're seeing more of the tiny house going on, and a lot of people see the shows, but we're not talking about downsizing from 6,000 square feet into 200 square feet. Mostly coming out of these larger homes that maybe ... Let's call it 4,000, 4500 at north, down to a manageable size, maybe in the two to 3,000, so not a huge, huge, but there is a push in the market for those type of homes.

[00:01:00] We're actually seeing the per-foot values these small homes are achieving is phenomenal. It's not that you can just take a small house and sell it. The efficiency, the design, the function ... We've been talking a lot about what people are looking for in the interior properties. Well done finishes, smart finishes, a lot of more, I think, what they've seen in Europe with the design elements and maximizing the space. That's a big trend. Big thing on downsizing which will lead you into what's going on out back.

Tyson: [00:01:30] Which actually goes in ... It's in the same vein as utilizing the space in a better way. I'd like to talk about the outside areas where I think people ... You can take a cue from Toll Brothers' project in the 92010 in Carlsbad. They had fairly small lots, but the models that are there have done exceptionally well with a small lot which ... Just like Artero did with interiors ...

Garrett: Beautiful.

Tyson: [00:02:00] Artero in the La Costa area, Davidson Homes. They inspire people to maybe look at their inside space. It's definitely for mouldings and large islands. I would encourage people to go visit those models for exterior work, which the big thing that we see when we get high prices or near record high prices, the backyards are on point. You don't have to have a large backyard. That's an interesting thing. You don't have to have a large backyard to have a fun, usable, exciting, and value-add backyard.

[00:02:30] You can take a very small space, but make interesting spaces outside and utilize accordion doors. There's a number of new manufacturers of these panel doors that open up and create this indoor, outdoor space, bringing maybe a small home to make it more usable, more friendly of that ... We have great weather here in southern California, so you can do that. If you're looking for ideas, inspiration to stay in your home, it's less costly than selling, moving, and doing the downsizing, but we encourage you to call us, email us with questions.

Garrett: Talk to us about it.

[00:03:00] Tyson: Talk to us about it. We hope to inspire you and maybe we can send you some links on various sites, hows, to get some ideas on your interior space. We're always here for questions.

Garrett: Absolutely.

Tyson: That's your October update.

Garrett: Thank you.

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