When your home is actively listed, you never can tell when you’ll need to show your house. When you receive a call from your real estate agent that a potential buyer would like to “come by,” you probably don’t want to have to delay the visit so you can do a whole house cleaning. On the other hand, most real estate agents offer you the chance to have at least 24 hours to prepare for a showing. It may even be in your contract. Whether you decide to allow a last minute showing or stick to the 24-hour rule, it’s in your best interest to keep your house in a minimal state of orderliness, just to make things easier on you. Following are some common things that homeowners have to contend with before a showing, and tips on how to manage them.

Dishes in the Sink

Even tidy folks don’t always clean the dishes immediately after a meal. To get rid of dishes in the sink in a hurry, you can do one of two things, after which you should scour the sink and dry it with a dish cloth so it shines.

1. Throw everything in the dishwasher, including the things that you ultimately won’t wash in the dishwasher (i.e., cast iron skillet, plastic storage lids). You can sort it out after you return home.

2. Keep a large plastic basin in the kitchen. Put all the dishes, pots and silverware in the basin and have your spouse bring it out to the trunk of the car to bring with you. Bring them back in and wash them when the showing is over.

Unmade Beds

Make it a practice to make your bed immediately after you get up. If necessary, invest in some duvets so you can simply cover rumpled sheets and pillows. This is a good idea to make a habit anyway, as a made-up bed makes the whole bedroom look tidy.

Visible Junk Mail

Find a drawer to keep these items in, and make it a practice to never leave mail where it can be seen, at least while the house is listed.

Toys on the Floor

The presence of toys in a house for sale isn’t really a negative, especially if you’re marketing to young families. However, toys on the floor, or where they can cause injury is always bad. Give your kids a large basket of their own to dump unused toys while they aren’t being played with. Their one job when you and your spouse ready your home for a showing should be to get all their toys into the basket.

Clothes and Laundry on the Floors

The same technique that works for your kids’ toys will work for your clothes and towels. Keep an attractive basket in the bedroom and bathrooms for used clothing and towels. Store inside a closed closet. If buyers open the closet door and see the basket, they’ll just think about how organized you are.

General Environment

You want your potential buyers to feel like they are in a pleasant environment as soon as they enter your home. To that end, make sure blinds and curtains are open to allow natural light to enter. Turn on lamps and ceiling fans to make the house look lively. Consider playing relaxing music softly in the background or burning a scented jar candle.

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